Democrats ally with Mexican gov't to takedown Donald Trump

The Mexican gov't has turned a blind eye for decades allowing drugs and criminals to pour into the United States.  While the drugs go north, the cash goes south.  Ensuring Americans are getting high off Mexican drugs is YUUUUUGE business for the country of Mexico, and an arrangement that excites Washington elites because of the Democrat votes, cheap labor and opportunity to re-distribute wealth to a poorer nation.

Donald Trump is obviously bad news for this arrangement.

So, Nancy Pelosi met with Mexican President Vicente Fox this week to discuss on alliance to takedown Donald Trump.  Thats right, I will repeat that, an American elected official met with the President of Mexico to takedown a United States Presidential candidate. 

If our founding fathers were around, Nancy Pelosi would be hung for treason on the Whitehouse lawn.  Today, it won't even make the 5:00 news...


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