Trump loves the Educated and they love him

Donald Trump

An important fact that should not be lost from last #SuperTuesday Trump crushed it with educated and wealthy voters.  Will you hear this in the #MainstreamMedia as often as we heard his success with uneducated and poor voters?  Of course not, it doesn't fit their narrative that Trump voters are racist idiots. 

Trump got over 50% of the primary vote in EVERY state on Tuesday.  No candidate could bring in those numbers without connecting to all demographics.  Love him or hate him the #TrumpTrain is just speeding up.

As the pundits and Washington elite grasp at straws trying to explain back their sanity, telling people that Trump still had problems reaching that "30% threshold" then the "40%" threshold," they are now forced to realize Trump resonates with all people, all ages and all races.

The next shoe to drop for the "experts" -- black voters.  Right now, 70% of African-Americans said that they would never vote for Trump, which sounds bad, right?  The media loves using that stat to prove Trump and his followers are racist.  If 70% won't, that means 30% would consider voting for Trump, and if half of them do, Donald Trump will win the Presidency in a landslide victory.