Hillary Clinton's server hacked, media covered up story for weeks!

The chickens are coming home to roost. 

Even the most honest and realistic Democrat supporter (I know, not that many these days) will concede Hillary's decision to have a private server was a pretty terrible idea.  However, Dems and the state run media have organized around the talking point:  "it doesn't matter because there was never a breach in security."

Well... it's time to for the Democrat power structure to coordinate another way to bury the severity of these federal crimes because a hacker did breach the server and he said "it was easy".   

The romanian hacker explained exactly how he did it: 

“For example, when Sidney Blumenthal got an email, I checked the email pattern from Hillary Clinton, from Colin Powell from anyone else to find out the originating IP. … When they send a letter, the email header is the originating IP usually. ... then I scanned with an IP scanner."

The state run media did their job as long as they could.  NBC successfully hid this story for weeks, and it wasn't until Fox reported on the story,  when NBC shamelessly released their interview with the same hacker... at 2:30am.  

P.S. Clinton server or not, this Romanian POS should never see the light of day again.