Donald Trump has won the Republican Nomination

Donald Trump wins Nomination

You heard it here first, Rosie O'Donnell is singing (screeching), and one step closer to Canada..  Donald Trump is up big in Indiana and with those delegates he's well on his way over the 1237 mark. The Republican establishment and #NeverTrump folks are helpless to stop him.  The media, who has told us for the past month we're headed to an open convention, are STUNNED!

The Washington elites are realizing they aren't the smart guys in the room, just smart for DC I guess?  These strategists get paid 6 & 7 figures to be the "experts" and are now realizing they know nothing...    #youKnowNothingJohnSnow

It is amazing to watch, in real-time, talking heads both from the left & right twisting into pretzels trying to explain Trump and his overwhelming support.  A lot of very powerful people completely underestimated the will of the American people.  They have spoken and they want Trump.