Obama releases 86,000+ illegals with prior records into US, 200 of them murdered US citizens, 12,000+ DUIs

Obama pumped

Anyone paying attention over the past 10+ years has been aware of the orchestrated effort by Washington and big business to open the flood gates on our southern boarder.  Tens of millions of illegals having been pouring into this country; some are here just to earn a living, some are so bad their own countries refuse to take them back. 

The Obama administration has taken it to the next level.  We are now literally releasing tens of thousands of criminals with prior records onto our streets..... with no logical explanation.  Now, there's a record of at least 200 of these criminals have killed US citizens.  

Watch this Obama minion try an explain her way out of their incompetent decision making... 


Unfortunately, there are only a few politicians left in Washington willing to fight this fight.  If Trump gets elected, that will change.  If Hillary gets elected, millions of illegals immigrants will get citizenship, and 90% of those people will be voting Democrat.