69 human beings shot over #MDW in Chicago, America & Media goes nuts over dead ape at zoo

I'm so sick and tired of hearing about the ape at the zoo I don't even want to get into it. Suffice it to say sure it's sad if you gotta kill another living thing but if the choice is an ape or a human child, you pick the human child every time.  And if you disagree you are actually some kind of mentally ill person.

What is more important to talk about is the fact that on this same weekend we should have been remembering those who died for our freedom, we were consumed with a stupid ape meanwhile 69 human beings in one city, Chicago, are shot.  6 lives lost.  This all happened OVER A WEEKEND.  Not a peep from the media or any sign of outrage on social media.

I mean check out this sentence from the Chicago Tribune:

"There were no shooting deaths for more than 48 hours starting late Saturday afternoon through late Monday."

OH WELL BRAVOOO CHICAGO!!!  48 hours wooo!!  How is this not a bigger story?  

"Well," people will say, "it happens all the time." And that is also true.  This year had 13 more shootings, but less people actually died.  I don't know if you can necessarily call that progress.

But that IN AND OF ITSELF is what should make this a big story!  A great American city where young children and babies are gunned down in the streets.  Look at the day by day breakdown from the weekend:

Three people killed and 12 people wounded Friday afternoon through early Saturday; one person killed and 24 people wounded Saturday evening through early Sunday; 13 people wounded Sunday afternoon through early Monday; and 16 people shot Monday into early Tuesday, two of them fatally.


The fact that the story of a dead ape in a zoo gets more reporting from the media and more outrage on social media is a national disgrace.  

Even more disgraceful is that the people who run Chicago (they're Liberals BTW) sit by and do nothing to protect the very constituency of voters they declare every election to care so deeply about.  At some point this #ConfusedElectorate has got to stop paying more attention to what is going on at the zoo than they do to the people running their government.