Trump the Disruptor - The Uber of Presidential Politics

Donald Trump crashed onto the political scene last July when he threw his hat in the ring for the Republican nomination to be President.  Who could forget that epic and absolutely hilarious golden escalator ride?!

Since then he has risen like an orange phoenix.  In the months since, he has knocked experienced politicians off their games and out of business, he has grown a devout following of supporters who love him as well as aggravated a group of detractors who will do anything in their power to stop him.  

Now ask yourself, is there any other place in life, outside Presidential politics, where that sounds familiar?  A newcomer into an established scene, who recreated the rules, created a brand that people love, but who have also made a lot of enemies by challenging the old way of doings things? 

Maybe you remember headlines like this:

Uber banned in 5 cities or Trump ban debated
Uber battle pits old guard vs new or Republican old guard rebukes Trump 
Uber should play by the rules  or Trump refuses to play by the rules

I could go on but, see a pattern here?

In business, the definition of disruptive innovation is: an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leaders and alliances.  Is that exactly what both Uber, and Donald Trump, have done?

Trump has created a new market and value network.  Some call them Trumpians or Trumpettes or the return of Reagan Democrats or whatever you want to label his market, but they do not fit into the old Republican orthodoxy.  This is why not only the Democrats but the Republican establishment also loathes Trump.  He is breaking apart the old alliances that once dominated the GOP.

Trump is for "fair trade" over free trade, a complete 180 from what Republican orthodoxy (of the leadership/establishment) was just 4 years ago.  He is for lowering taxes on everyone yet getting rid of special tax breaks for Wall Street brokers.  He is for a strong military and vocal leadership, but also is far less interventionist than the Democrat presumptive nominee Hill-Dawg "I belong in jail" Clinton.  His positions do not fit inside the established market boundaries and alliances that have dominated the political landscape for 40 years.

And so it is for these reasons that BOTH Trump and Uber are always under attack from entrenched interests.  Not because taxi drivers really care about giving you a good ride, not because Hillary really cares about women, not because taxi drivers are really concerned with how safe Uber is, and not because the Democrat Party really thinks Trump is Hitler....but because taxi drivers, the politicians that support them, Hillary Clinton, and the Establishment of both parties, have spent their lives gaining power and using it to enrich themselves and gain even more power.  

Trump & Uber are threats to their stranglehold on power and money and control over the marketplace and their alliances.  Trump & Uber - The Great Disruptors.