Smokeshow Tomi Lahren goes on EPIC rant about Trump, Obama, Clinton and why won't she just marry me already

"Hey ladies: sticks and stones and radical Muslims break our bones, but Rachel Maddow's labels, they won't hurt you, I promise"

Aaaannnd I'm hard.  I love everything about this chick.  From the fact that everything she said is 100% right to the fact that her calling President Obama, "Barry", was one of the hottest moments in political television:

"Ohhh funny you should say that Barry because wasn't it you who went to a baseball game with the Castro family in the wake of the Brussel's terror attack?  Wasn't it you that played golf during Justice Scalia's funeral?  Wasn't it you that took the first selfie in the White House?  Some pretty rich criticism from the Celebrity-In-Chief."

Isn't she just amazing?  If it was a woman like her I would be all about electing the first woman President.  Unfortunately we are stuck with Hill-dawg who is not just loathed by Republicans but pretty much most of the population, as Tomi points out:

"But let me just point out again how much the Democrats, yes, the Democrats dislike Hillary.  The Republicans started out with 17 well-qualified contenders.  Trump crushed them all and our primary is over.  Hillary is still battling it out with a self proclaimed Socialist.  Make fun of Trump all you want but that's freakin' embarrassing."

Preach sistah!!  Make sure you give the rest a listen.  It is only 3 minutes and it is all absolute fire and let's not forget regardless of what she says getting to look at her for 3 minutes is definitely not the worst thing that will happen to you today.