Establishment Elites say Trump can't win....stop me if you've heard this before....

It literally BLOWS MY MIND that every time I turn on my TV there is someone who gets paid 6 figures to know about politics saying "There's no way Trump can win" or "with unfavorables like these, he won't crack 20% support"  Does that sound familiar to you?  

Haven't we been hearing that since 360 DAYS AGO when Trump first launched his campaign? And, it is THE SAME people who are saying it now who said it 360 days ago!

Who remembers the "30% ceiling" and then the "35% ceiling".....or how "his campaign is going to implode any minute" and then "soon voters will change their mind"

These political commentators and consultants have better jobs than weather men! I mean how can you be so wrong about so many things for so long and still have people ask you for your opinion on things?

THIS is why Trump is so dangerous to them.  He has shattered the illusion the political class, on both the right and the left, have been selling us for 40 years.  He has lifted back the curtain on their blatant motivation being money and power and the status quo over what is best for or the will of THE PEOPLE.

Look how upset Kristol guy's beside himself...possibly shitting his pants/having a stroke