Rapper Azealia Banks ROASTS Hillary Clinton & ENDORSES TRUMP on Twitter

So truth be told I don't know much about Azealia Banks.  I think maybe because I am too old or don't listen to enough new rap.  Either way, she's famous and successful enough that I've heard her name before.  Damn kids!

Regardless of whether I know her music or not, it is still surprising to see a young black rapper come out and say anything nice about a Republican.  Not just surprising, it is about as rare and non existent as my self control on the weekends.

So when I came across some of her tweets on the twitter machine thing I was pleasantly surprised to see her absolutely roast Hillary Clinton.  Not only Clinton, but all the little liberal snowflakes LOSING THEIR MIND on her.  They are easily some of my favorite tweets of the election cycle.  

She starts off with the opening statements.  Who she likes and her amazingly simple yet brilliant reason why:

Next we get some SPOT ON statements and observations first about Hill-Dawg and then the Democrat Party in general:

SO MUCH YESSSSSS.  I need to see more Azealia Banks hot takes on the Clintons from now until Election Day.  Please please please need me some more Azealia.

Finally, she gives a closing critique of the Democrat Party and Liberals in general.  Just like her analysis of Trump and Hill-Dawg, she absolutely nails this one too:

Azealia Banks.  So hot right now.  #FTW