BREAKING: Ted Cruz Out!! Trump Presumptive GOP Nominee for President!!

What a time to be alive!!  

Yuuugeee night for Trump.  Not only did he completely dominate in Indiana and take EVERY SINGLE delegate, but now Ted Cruz has just suspended his campaign!  

It has been 9 months of every "intelligent" person on TV saying we were always just one night away from Trump "imploding."  Tonight he proved them all wrong, and he did it on a fraction of the budget.  Remember this when all you hear for the next few months is how he can't beat Hillary.  

Trump scares the Establishment, both Republicans & Democrats alike, because they will do anything to hold onto the power they have used to enrich themselves for decades, and he is a threat to that

This is one of the most important political changes in our country in a generation.  Be thankful we were here to witness it!!