How many lives did you save today?

For every story you hear from the media or some punk complaining about a cop who was mean to him, there are 100 other stories you just don't hear about. Sprinting full speed to tackle someone he's never met to keep him from jumping off a bridge and killing himself. Remember that next time you hear someone bashing police officers. ‪#‎BlueLIvesMatter‬

An 18-year veteran of the Riverdale Police Department saved a suicidal man who tried to jump off the Route 287 bridge Monday morning, police said.
Dashcam video released by the Riverdale Police Department shows the harrowing rescue by Sgt. Greg Bogert.
Bogert responded to the area of Route 287 north at 11:30 a.m. after multiple 911 callers reported a man walking into traffic in the area of Exit 53 by the Hamburg Turnpike, Riverdale police Lt. James MacIntosh said.
The man was standing by a stopped car and was crying and in obvious distress, MacIntosh said. Bogert tried to talk to the man to calm him down but the man sprinted to the ledge when the sergeant approached him.
The man then tried to jump over the concrete barrier in an apparent suicide attempt but Bogert was able to grab him and pull him back before he could leap, MacIntosh said.
During the incident, the man yelled, "My family is dead, I just want to die," the police lieutenant said.
Bogert was able to restrain the man and eventually calmed down enough where he could be put in an ambulance and transported to a local hospital for psychological help, MacIntosh said.