Who cares if he's racist?

For a whole year the liberals of America have called Trump racist over and over again for the entire world to hear.  Painting him as such a bigot he couldn't possibly be elected as our chief executive.  I have spent many days arguing with my fellow Americans as to the validity of this accusation....arguments....that typically....lead nowhere. 

So let's do a thought experiment.  Let's concede the point he's a racist, he's not, but lets concede he is.  I ask you, so what?  How would that affect your life?

Who cares if he is racist if:  You are black and he is going to lower your taxes.  He's going to allow you to keep more money you earn every week and take it home to feed your family, save for your children's college, or buy that new water heater.  Hillary wants to raise your taxes and take more of the money you earn.  So who is better for you, Hillary or the racist?

Who cares if he is racist if: You are black and poor and your children have to attend a school that not only has bad teachers but is downright dangerous.  You worry about your child's safety every day you send them off to school.  Trump wants to give black people the CHOICE to attend a good school.  To have good teachers and a culture of learning rather than violence. Hillary wants to DENY you that CHOICE for no other reason than the teachers' unions have bought her.  So who is better for you, Hillary or the racist?

Who cares if he is racist if:  You live in Chicago and over 2,818 people have been shot this year. More people are shot in our Democrat run inner cities every weekend than people that are shot in Afghanistan, and it's not even close.  "They don't call it Chi-raq for nothing."  How sad is that?  Trump is the only one speaking about the crime and violence affecting the most vulnerable among us in our once great American cities.  Hillary has not said one word about the issue.  Neither has Obama.  Neither has the Democrats running those cities for over 50 years.  Trump recognizes and speaks about the violence plaguing our inner cities.  Hillary has never mentioned it once.  So who is better for you, Hillary, or the racist?

Who cares if he is racist if:  You are a low skilled laborer who hasn't had a job in 18 months, and the ones you do find, are for low paying wages. Trump wants to protect those jobs and those wages.  Trump wants to pass a law requiring ALL companies try to give ALL jobs to AMERICANS before giving them to immigrants.  The influx of immigrant labor not only takes those low skilled jobs from Americans but they do it for less money (because even less American money is making bank compared to what they made where they came from), which drives down wages.  Hillary wants a Western Hemisphere of "open borders and open markets." Even with black unemployment at double the rate of the nation as a whole, Hillary wants to IMPORT MORE PEOPLE who will take those jobs.  So who is better for you, Hillary, or the racist?

I could go on and on with these examples.  All I ask is before you vote, instead of making a decision based on your emotions ("omg he's racist I hate him"), take a second and actually think about how their POLICY proposals will affect YOUR LIFE.