Ted Cruz doing his best Flutie Hail-Mary w/ Carly Fiorina

Ted Cruz is a smart guy.  He knows the race is over, his only chance to stop the #TrumpTrain is to distract from the YUUUUUGE win last night... so he's pulled his last trick out of the bag, Carly Fiorina.  Will it be enough? Nope.

Ted Cruz has run a fantastic campaign, and I truly believe if his face didn't look like a melted popsicle he could've taken out The Donald.  True conservatives have a lot to like with Ted Cruz, and, in any other election year he would've easily risen to the top.

So, is there a chance of a Republican Dream ticket Trump/Cruz..  probably not, but if Trump and Megyn Kelly can make nice, you never know...

Are we really a Country of Immigrants?


We've all heard it.  We all say it.  "America is a nation of immigrants."  Gotta be true, right?  Well, the answer is, not exactly.  The most frustrating thing about this overused trope is not just that it is an extremely simplified description of the history of our great republic, but that it is used as an argument against enforcing our own immigration laws.  Even worse, it is used to portray those in favor of enforcing current immigration law as bigots or even anti-American.  It would seem as though there is some confusion in our electorate. 

America indeed has and continues to be the most welcoming place of new immigrants.  The most desirable place for people looking to immigrate.  The nation that offers the most prosperity for those looking to immigrate.  My Grandfather immigrated to America from Italy.  He loved all of those things about America and so do I.  Once he got here, he started a family and had 8 children.  Then those 8 children started families and had 18 children.  That left our family with 1 man who immigrated here from Italy and 20 people who were native born Americans.  

That is not a nation of immigrants.  That is a nation of 20 Americans and 1 immigrant.  And THAT is how America looked in the 20th Century.  

In 1960, only 9.7 million people in America were foreign born.  It was 5.4% of our population.  In 1970, it dropped to only 9.6 million people for 4.7% of our population.  In 2010, 40 million people in the United States were foreign born (not including the millions here illegally), for a share of 12.9% of the population. The only time in our history it was ever higher than that was back in the 1800s when the only people who were native born were "Native Americans"...or as I like to call them, "Indians." 

So you can see, the argument that we are "a nation of immigrants" is not only factually wrong but how it is used to change our current immigration levels.  Take a look at these maps from the Census Bureau to see how this increase it share of foreign born population has affected the places we live:

I mean Jesus Christ the change in those maps don't just strike me as a stupid immigration policy it looks like a friggen' invasion.

So I hope that we have now cleared up some of the confusion around the whole "we are a nation of immigrants" saying and why it is factually untrue and purposely used to distort our current immigration debate.  However I know for a fact there's a boatload of dummies out there who are still confused as to why any of that matters.  I'll teach you that lesson in my next post.

If you want to get a head start and watch some really interesting shit, take a look at these two videos by Roy Beck:


Now go grab a beer and think about what you've learned. 



Donald Trump has won the Republican Nomination

Donald Trump wins Nomination

You heard it here first, Rosie O'Donnell is singing (screeching), and one step closer to Canada..  Donald Trump is up big in Indiana and with those delegates he's well on his way over the 1237 mark. The Republican establishment and #NeverTrump folks are helpless to stop him.  The media, who has told us for the past month we're headed to an open convention, are STUNNED!

The Washington elites are realizing they aren't the smart guys in the room, just smart for DC I guess?  These strategists get paid 6 & 7 figures to be the "experts" and are now realizing they know nothing...    #youKnowNothingJohnSnow

It is amazing to watch, in real-time, talking heads both from the left & right twisting into pretzels trying to explain Trump and his overwhelming support.  A lot of very powerful people completely underestimated the will of the American people.  They have spoken and they want Trump.

Hypocrite John Kerry the latest Panama Papers Victim



No real surprise here... John Kerry and his wife, heir to the Heinz ketchup fortune, have at least 11 offshore accounts.  They were smart enough to keep everything under his wife name, which I guess somehow makes it ok? Read the full story here.

Wealthy Democrats would never keep their money in our ridiculous tax structure, thats only for the average American.  And, if you don't follow their rules, they will throw you in prison.  The Democrat elite, however, are above the law.

The hypocrisy is real, and if you aren't angry, you should be.   



Comedian DESTROYS liberal agitators at UMASS



I don't think there is anything more enjoyable than watching young liberal agitators get shoved into lockers... and Crowder does a fantastic job of that here.

We're finally seeing the product of decades of liberal indoctrination in our public schools systems and universities.  We have "successfully" raised an entire generation of people that truly believe in the entitlement culture and silencing opposing views is the American thing to do...  The scariest part about it is that it isn't going to stop, the liberal infrastructure isn't going anywhere, liberals to this day occupy most educational systems, so we can expect millions more of these useless millennials to taint an already confused electorate. 


Koch Brother willing to purchase Democrats



No secret the Koch brothers have spent millions to support Republican politicians.  The left loves to drool over any excuse to bring them up in conversation.  One of the most fascinating aspects of this election cycle has been watching the shifts in strategy behind big money in politics.  Our modern day pezzonovantes shamelessly and unapologetically dole out millions to influence and control politicians.... RIP Jeb & Marco.  Bernie and Trump are singing the same tune here, it's unfortunate the media won't allow the voters to acknowledge and appreciate that fact.  

If the koch brothers do end up throwing some Tubmans the Democrats way, I wonder if they'll accept them as willingly as Kasich took the Soros donations...