69 human beings shot over #MDW in Chicago, America & Media goes nuts over dead ape at zoo

I'm so sick and tired of hearing about the ape at the zoo I don't even want to get into it. Suffice it to say sure it's sad if you gotta kill another living thing but if the choice is an ape or a human child, you pick the human child every time.  And if you disagree you are actually some kind of mentally ill person.

What is more important to talk about is the fact that on this same weekend we should have been remembering those who died for our freedom, we were consumed with a stupid ape meanwhile 69 human beings in one city, Chicago, are shot.  6 lives lost.  This all happened OVER A WEEKEND.  Not a peep from the media or any sign of outrage on social media.

I mean check out this sentence from the Chicago Tribune:

"There were no shooting deaths for more than 48 hours starting late Saturday afternoon through late Monday."

OH WELL BRAVOOO CHICAGO!!!  48 hours wooo!!  How is this not a bigger story?  

"Well," people will say, "it happens all the time." And that is also true.  This year had 13 more shootings, but less people actually died.  I don't know if you can necessarily call that progress.

But that IN AND OF ITSELF is what should make this a big story!  A great American city where young children and babies are gunned down in the streets.  Look at the day by day breakdown from the weekend:

Three people killed and 12 people wounded Friday afternoon through early Saturday; one person killed and 24 people wounded Saturday evening through early Sunday; 13 people wounded Sunday afternoon through early Monday; and 16 people shot Monday into early Tuesday, two of them fatally.


The fact that the story of a dead ape in a zoo gets more reporting from the media and more outrage on social media is a national disgrace.  

Even more disgraceful is that the people who run Chicago (they're Liberals BTW) sit by and do nothing to protect the very constituency of voters they declare every election to care so deeply about.  At some point this #ConfusedElectorate has got to stop paying more attention to what is going on at the zoo than they do to the people running their government. 

Trump the Disruptor - The Uber of Presidential Politics

Donald Trump crashed onto the political scene last July when he threw his hat in the ring for the Republican nomination to be President.  Who could forget that epic and absolutely hilarious golden escalator ride?!

Since then he has risen like an orange phoenix.  In the months since, he has knocked experienced politicians off their games and out of business, he has grown a devout following of supporters who love him as well as aggravated a group of detractors who will do anything in their power to stop him.  

Now ask yourself, is there any other place in life, outside Presidential politics, where that sounds familiar?  A newcomer into an established scene, who recreated the rules, created a brand that people love, but who have also made a lot of enemies by challenging the old way of doings things? 

Maybe you remember headlines like this:

Uber banned in 5 cities or Trump ban debated
Uber battle pits old guard vs new or Republican old guard rebukes Trump 
Uber should play by the rules  or Trump refuses to play by the rules

I could go on but, see a pattern here?

In business, the definition of disruptive innovation is: an innovation that creates a new market and value network and eventually disrupts an existing market and value network, displacing established market leaders and alliances.  Is that exactly what both Uber, and Donald Trump, have done?

Trump has created a new market and value network.  Some call them Trumpians or Trumpettes or the return of Reagan Democrats or whatever you want to label his market, but they do not fit into the old Republican orthodoxy.  This is why not only the Democrats but the Republican establishment also loathes Trump.  He is breaking apart the old alliances that once dominated the GOP.

Trump is for "fair trade" over free trade, a complete 180 from what Republican orthodoxy (of the leadership/establishment) was just 4 years ago.  He is for lowering taxes on everyone yet getting rid of special tax breaks for Wall Street brokers.  He is for a strong military and vocal leadership, but also is far less interventionist than the Democrat presumptive nominee Hill-Dawg "I belong in jail" Clinton.  His positions do not fit inside the established market boundaries and alliances that have dominated the political landscape for 40 years.

And so it is for these reasons that BOTH Trump and Uber are always under attack from entrenched interests.  Not because taxi drivers really care about giving you a good ride, not because Hillary really cares about women, not because taxi drivers are really concerned with how safe Uber is, and not because the Democrat Party really thinks Trump is Hitler....but because taxi drivers, the politicians that support them, Hillary Clinton, and the Establishment of both parties, have spent their lives gaining power and using it to enrich themselves and gain even more power.  

Trump & Uber are threats to their stranglehold on power and money and control over the marketplace and their alliances.  Trump & Uber - The Great Disruptors. 


The Democrat Party and Facism in Nevada

Democrats have run a brilliant marketing campaign for decades, brainwashing American's into thinking that anyone who disagrees with their views are Facist.  Well,  the true nature of Facism was on full display in Nevada this week.

The above video is an absolutely mind-blowing example of government corruption and disenfranchisement of the the Democrat voters of Nevada. 

Will the media report it? No.  Well the Democrat voters stand up for themselves.... I hope.



Rapper Azealia Banks ROASTS Hillary Clinton & ENDORSES TRUMP on Twitter

So truth be told I don't know much about Azealia Banks.  I think maybe because I am too old or don't listen to enough new rap.  Either way, she's famous and successful enough that I've heard her name before.  Damn kids!

Regardless of whether I know her music or not, it is still surprising to see a young black rapper come out and say anything nice about a Republican.  Not just surprising, it is about as rare and non existent as my self control on the weekends.

So when I came across some of her tweets on the twitter machine thing I was pleasantly surprised to see her absolutely roast Hillary Clinton.  Not only Clinton, but all the little liberal snowflakes LOSING THEIR MIND on her.  They are easily some of my favorite tweets of the election cycle.  

She starts off with the opening statements.  Who she likes and her amazingly simple yet brilliant reason why:

Next we get some SPOT ON statements and observations first about Hill-Dawg and then the Democrat Party in general:

SO MUCH YESSSSSS.  I need to see more Azealia Banks hot takes on the Clintons from now until Election Day.  Please please please need me some more Azealia.

Finally, she gives a closing critique of the Democrat Party and Liberals in general.  Just like her analysis of Trump and Hill-Dawg, she absolutely nails this one too:

Azealia Banks.  So hot right now.  #FTW

Democrats ally with Mexican gov't to takedown Donald Trump

The Mexican gov't has turned a blind eye for decades allowing drugs and criminals to pour into the United States.  While the drugs go north, the cash goes south.  Ensuring Americans are getting high off Mexican drugs is YUUUUUGE business for the country of Mexico, and an arrangement that excites Washington elites because of the Democrat votes, cheap labor and opportunity to re-distribute wealth to a poorer nation.

Donald Trump is obviously bad news for this arrangement.

So, Nancy Pelosi met with Mexican President Vicente Fox this week to discuss on alliance to takedown Donald Trump.  Thats right, I will repeat that, an American elected official met with the President of Mexico to takedown a United States Presidential candidate. 

If our founding fathers were around, Nancy Pelosi would be hung for treason on the Whitehouse lawn.  Today, it won't even make the 5:00 news...


Read full story here


Smokeshow Tomi Lahren goes on EPIC rant about Trump, Obama, Clinton and why won't she just marry me already

"Hey ladies: sticks and stones and radical Muslims break our bones, but Rachel Maddow's labels, they won't hurt you, I promise"

Aaaannnd I'm hard.  I love everything about this chick.  From the fact that everything she said is 100% right to the fact that her calling President Obama, "Barry", was one of the hottest moments in political television:

"Ohhh funny you should say that Barry because wasn't it you who went to a baseball game with the Castro family in the wake of the Brussel's terror attack?  Wasn't it you that played golf during Justice Scalia's funeral?  Wasn't it you that took the first selfie in the White House?  Some pretty rich criticism from the Celebrity-In-Chief."

Isn't she just amazing?  If it was a woman like her I would be all about electing the first woman President.  Unfortunately we are stuck with Hill-dawg who is not just loathed by Republicans but pretty much most of the population, as Tomi points out:

"But let me just point out again how much the Democrats, yes, the Democrats dislike Hillary.  The Republicans started out with 17 well-qualified contenders.  Trump crushed them all and our primary is over.  Hillary is still battling it out with a self proclaimed Socialist.  Make fun of Trump all you want but that's freakin' embarrassing."

Preach sistah!!  Make sure you give the rest a listen.  It is only 3 minutes and it is all absolute fire and let's not forget regardless of what she says getting to look at her for 3 minutes is definitely not the worst thing that will happen to you today.

6 things you want to know about Trump's tax plan, #3 is fascinating, Democrats have wanted for decades



(1)  YUUUGGGE tax break for the Middle Class

  • Households making less than $50k a year will pay nothing in federal income taxes, which gives tax relief for an additional 75 million households.
  • Instead, those Americans will only have to fill out a new, one page form to the IRS, saying, and I quote from his website, "I win."  This will save those 75 million families an average of $1000 a year.  

(2)  Simplifies Tax Code

  • Trump is reducing the number of tax brackets from 7 to 4.

    $300,001+ = 25% 
    $100,000 - 300,000 = 20%
    $50,001 - $100,000 = 10%
    $50,000 and lower = 0%
  • The Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) and the marriage penalty are gone.
  • No business of any size will ever pay more than 15% of their business income in taxes, switching America from being taxing its business at the highest rates in the industrialized world, to the lowest.  

(3)  Eliminates tax loops holes on super wealthy

  • That's right, the main pillar of the Democrat party is to tax the rich and remove their loopholes.  Well, Trump is doing that.
  • Trump wants to steepen the curve of the Personal Exemption Phaseout and the Pease Limitation on itemized deductions.
  • Phasing out of the tax exemption on life insurance interest for high-income earners
  • End the current tax treatment of carried interest for speculative partnerships that do not grow businesses or create jobs and aren't risking their own capital.

(4)  Brings corporate profits back from Overseas

  • There is an estimated $25 trillion in cash held by US companies overseas.  The business have already paid taxes on that revenue in the foreign country and refuse to pay twice by bringing it back into the states.
  • Trump solves this problem pretty easily:  a one-time fee of 10% to bring the money back, instead of a ridiculous 40%.  This is instantly bring in a much needed $2.5 Trillion back into the US.

(5)  Plan is revenue Neutral

  • All tax cuts are paid for by reducing and eliminating deductions and loopholes for the very wealthy
  • Bringing $2.5 trillion of new revenue currently being hidden overseas, followed by ending the deferral of taxes on corporate income
  • Reducing or eliminating corporate loopholes for special interests, as well as made unnecessary or redundant by the new lower tax rate on corporations and business income.
  • Phase in reasonable cap on the deductibility of business interests expenses

(6)  No more death tax

  • One of the most egregious and criminal aspects of American government in the death tax.  After paying taxes your entire life, when you die, the government takes half of whatever you have left! 
  • This is obviously gone with a Trump Presidency.

There are elements in this tax plan both conservatives and even liberals can get behind.  Many un-biased economists like Larry Kudlow have praised the plan.  So, get ready for months of mis-information and lies from the Washington Elite and the state run media to discredit this plan.  Because, if Democrats and Independents find out this plan helps everyone, the election will be over and Donald Trump will be the President of the United States.

Read Trump's full tax plan here

Establishment Elites say Trump can't win....stop me if you've heard this before....

It literally BLOWS MY MIND that every time I turn on my TV there is someone who gets paid 6 figures to know about politics saying "There's no way Trump can win" or "with unfavorables like these, he won't crack 20% support"  Does that sound familiar to you?  

Haven't we been hearing that since 360 DAYS AGO when Trump first launched his campaign? And, it is THE SAME people who are saying it now who said it 360 days ago!

Who remembers the "30% ceiling" and then the "35% ceiling".....or how "his campaign is going to implode any minute" and then "soon voters will change their mind"

These political commentators and consultants have better jobs than weather men! I mean how can you be so wrong about so many things for so long and still have people ask you for your opinion on things?

THIS is why Trump is so dangerous to them.  He has shattered the illusion the political class, on both the right and the left, have been selling us for 40 years.  He has lifted back the curtain on their blatant motivation being money and power and the status quo over what is best for or the will of THE PEOPLE.

Look how upset Kristol is....lol guy's beside himself...possibly shitting his pants/having a stroke 

Hillary Clinton's server hacked, media covered up story for weeks!

The chickens are coming home to roost. 

Even the most honest and realistic Democrat supporter (I know, not that many these days) will concede Hillary's decision to have a private server was a pretty terrible idea.  However, Dems and the state run media have organized around the talking point:  "it doesn't matter because there was never a breach in security."

Well... it's time to for the Democrat power structure to coordinate another way to bury the severity of these federal crimes because a hacker did breach the server and he said "it was easy".   

The romanian hacker explained exactly how he did it: 

“For example, when Sidney Blumenthal got an email, I checked the email pattern from Hillary Clinton, from Colin Powell from anyone else to find out the originating IP. … When they send a letter, the email header is the originating IP usually. ... then I scanned with an IP scanner."

The state run media did their job as long as they could.  NBC successfully hid this story for weeks, and it wasn't until Fox reported on the story,  when NBC shamelessly released their interview with the same hacker... at 2:30am.  

P.S. Clinton server or not, this Romanian POS should never see the light of day again.

BREAKING: Ted Cruz Out!! Trump Presumptive GOP Nominee for President!!

What a time to be alive!!  

Yuuugeee night for Trump.  Not only did he completely dominate in Indiana and take EVERY SINGLE delegate, but now Ted Cruz has just suspended his campaign!  

It has been 9 months of every "intelligent" person on TV saying we were always just one night away from Trump "imploding."  Tonight he proved them all wrong, and he did it on a fraction of the budget.  Remember this when all you hear for the next few months is how he can't beat Hillary.  

Trump scares the Establishment, both Republicans & Democrats alike, because they will do anything to hold onto the power they have used to enrich themselves for decades, and he is a threat to that

This is one of the most important political changes in our country in a generation.  Be thankful we were here to witness it!!


Obama budgets $17,613 per illegal alien child. Meanwhile, 16.5 million American children live in poverty...

President Obama has budgeted $17,613 for each of the estimated 75,000 Central American teens expected to illegally cross into the United States this year, $2,841 more than the average annual Social Security retirement benefit, according to a new report.

The tWellotal bill to taxpayers: $1.3 billion in benefits to "unaccompanied children," more than double what the federal government spent in 2010, according to an analysis of the administration's programs for illegal minors from the Center for Immigration Studies. The average Social Security retirement benefit is $14,772.

So seeing these budget numbers give you more than enough reasons to be mad.  At the most basic level, we are currently $20 Trillion in debt.  Why are we spending billions of dollars to take care of illegal immigrants who aren't supposed to be here in the first place?

However, as infuriating as it is to look at these numbers in the context of our national debt, even if you put that issue aside, it becomes even more infuriating when you look at it side by side with the poverty numbers for American children. 

Instead of giving $17,613 out of the paychecks of hard working Americans and giving it to people who broke our laws to come here illegally, what kind of difference would that have on the lives of an American family if we gave it to them instead?

On that note, I thought the Democrat party was the party who cared about African Americans?  Well, a staggering 38.2% of black children who are American citizens live in poverty.  Why aren't the Democrats and Obama taking care of those children before sending money to people who, according to current immigration law, should be deported home anyway?

Listen, I have compassion for the plight of some of the people who come to America illegally in search of a better life......but at some point shouldn't we as a society make sure that our nation's citizens are able to realize the promise of a better life before we worry about the citizens of Mexico and Honduras? 

Call me crazy but I think the United States government should be worried about the interests and welfare of the citizens of the United States over the welfare of the citizens of anywhere else.   #America First 

BREAKING: Liberal agitators fighting cops!! Currently trying to break into #CAGOPConvention venue!!

In continuation of the violence from last night.  The Democrat power structure has released more agitators at the Trump rally in California.  They are now fighting cops and attempting to break into the venue.  

Hoping for another violent confrontation, agitators attempted to barricade the front of the venue.  

Trump went in through the back.

Here was last night....

Obama releases 86,000+ illegals with prior records into US, 200 of them murdered US citizens, 12,000+ DUIs

Obama pumped

Anyone paying attention over the past 10+ years has been aware of the orchestrated effort by Washington and big business to open the flood gates on our southern boarder.  Tens of millions of illegals having been pouring into this country; some are here just to earn a living, some are so bad their own countries refuse to take them back. 

The Obama administration has taken it to the next level.  We are now literally releasing tens of thousands of criminals with prior records onto our streets..... with no logical explanation.  Now, there's a record of at least 200 of these criminals have killed US citizens.  

Watch this Obama minion try an explain her way out of their incompetent decision making... 


Unfortunately, there are only a few politicians left in Washington willing to fight this fight.  If Trump gets elected, that will change.  If Hillary gets elected, millions of illegals immigrants will get citizenship, and 90% of those people will be voting Democrat.



Trump loves the Educated and they love him

Donald Trump

An important fact that should not be lost from last #SuperTuesday Trump crushed it with educated and wealthy voters.  Will you hear this in the #MainstreamMedia as often as we heard his success with uneducated and poor voters?  Of course not, it doesn't fit their narrative that Trump voters are racist idiots. 

Trump got over 50% of the primary vote in EVERY state on Tuesday.  No candidate could bring in those numbers without connecting to all demographics.  Love him or hate him the #TrumpTrain is just speeding up.

As the pundits and Washington elite grasp at straws trying to explain back their sanity, telling people that Trump still had problems reaching that "30% threshold" then the "40%" threshold," they are now forced to realize Trump resonates with all people, all ages and all races.

The next shoe to drop for the "experts" -- black voters.  Right now, 70% of African-Americans said that they would never vote for Trump, which sounds bad, right?  The media loves using that stat to prove Trump and his followers are racist.  If 70% won't, that means 30% would consider voting for Trump, and if half of them do, Donald Trump will win the Presidency in a landslide victory. 

How many lives did you save today?

For every story you hear from the media or some punk complaining about a cop who was mean to him, there are 100 other stories you just don't hear about. Sprinting full speed to tackle someone he's never met to keep him from jumping off a bridge and killing himself. Remember that next time you hear someone bashing police officers. ‪#‎BlueLIvesMatter‬

An 18-year veteran of the Riverdale Police Department saved a suicidal man who tried to jump off the Route 287 bridge Monday morning, police said.
Dashcam video released by the Riverdale Police Department shows the harrowing rescue by Sgt. Greg Bogert.
Bogert responded to the area of Route 287 north at 11:30 a.m. after multiple 911 callers reported a man walking into traffic in the area of Exit 53 by the Hamburg Turnpike, Riverdale police Lt. James MacIntosh said.
The man was standing by a stopped car and was crying and in obvious distress, MacIntosh said. Bogert tried to talk to the man to calm him down but the man sprinted to the ledge when the sergeant approached him.
The man then tried to jump over the concrete barrier in an apparent suicide attempt but Bogert was able to grab him and pull him back before he could leap, MacIntosh said.
During the incident, the man yelled, "My family is dead, I just want to die," the police lieutenant said.
Bogert was able to restrain the man and eventually calmed down enough where he could be put in an ambulance and transported to a local hospital for psychological help, MacIntosh said.

Secret Service to build taller, bigger, spiked fence around White House. Ohhh the irony!!

Whitehouse fence
NBC Washington: The U.S. Secret Service plans to raise the height of the White House security fence by 5 feet and add a new concrete foundation to reduce the risk of fence-jumpers.  The agency, along with the National Park Service, said it intends to begin building a “taller, stronger” fence to protect the White House grounds by 2018.

Wait a minute!!  I thought Donald Trump's plan to build a wall around our country was stupid and not only that, bigoted!!  Only racist conservatives want to build a wall and it's just because they hate brown people, right?!  So wait....does that mean Obama and the Secret Service are bigoted too?  I'm confused...

Or could it be that fences and walls WORK and they've ALWAYS WORKED that's why people have been building them around their property since the beginning of time?  

Once again the ruling class and dumb liberals have been exposed.  They are against a border wall because they want open borders and more Democrat voters and more cheap labor.  They hurl the insults of racist and bigot at patriotic Americans as a way to stifle conversation and destroy our great country.  


#MakeAmericaGreatAgain  #BuildTheWall

Trump mispronounced Tanzania. Makes country instantly better.

Trump delivered his first formal speech on foreign policy today.  He had teleprompters and everything.  It was interesting to see him give a different kind of speech, but I still prefer the Live Rally Trump better.

Although, there was the added bonus of hearing him pronounce "Tanzania."  It wasn't just funny though...it was remarkable.  The way he pronounced it was WAY better than the original way.

Look at Trump, even when he mispronounces the name of a country the new name is instantly more magnificent and luxurious and classy.  #MakeTanzaniaGreatAgain  #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

Although all kidding aside...I agree 100% with  my boy Newt here #NailedIt